Navigating Git Branches with FZF

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

I ❤️ FZF. Use it for all sorts of things like jumping around directories, code projects, and so on.

Today while trying to change git branches I got really annoyed that I didn’t have anything like it for git.

So I found something and modified it to work a bit more in the way I like.

# FGIT - fuzzy checkout git branch (including remote branches)
fgit() {
  local cmd="(git branch --sort=-committerdate; git branch --sort=-committerdate --remote) | grep -v HEAD | sed 's/^[ \*]*//'"
  local preview_width=80
  local preview_name_width=50

  if [ "$1" != "" ]; then
    local initial_query="-q $1"

  local default_branch=$(git symbolic-ref HEAD | cut -d'/' -f3)
  local branch=$(eval $cmd | fzf \
    --filepath-word \
    --bind='ctrl-n:down' \
    --bind='ctrl-p:up' \
    --layout='reverse-list' \
    --tiebreak='end,length,index' \
    --bind='change:first' \
    --header='Press F5 to reload' \
    --preview-window "right:$preview_width" \
    --preview="git diff --stat=${preview_width},${preview_name_width} --merge-base master --color=always {}" \
    --preview="git log -1; echo '\n---\n'; git diff --stat=${preview_width},${preview_name_width} --color=always {} --merge-base ${default_branch}" \
    --history=$FGIT_HISTORY $initial_query)

  git checkout $(echo "$branch" | sed "s/.* //" | sed "s#remotes/[^/]*/##")

The code is written for zsh, but should be compatible with bash with limited to no changes.


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